boost your immunity in a natural way

Are you often sick? Do you feel weak or do you experience a hectic period full of stress? Work on your immunity. With vitamin D and zinc, you will support the immune system and vitamin C will increase the body’s resistance to stress.

vitamins C a D, zinc, buckthorn, black radish
  • travelling
  • meetings
  • babysitting
  • po nemoci
  • using public

healthy way to overcome your body's crisis

Long car rides, overtime at work, lack of sleep… All this makes our body busy. Help it handle it. Green tea and ginger are effective stimulants and schizandra will help you manage stress.

vitamin D, zinc, schizandra, green tea, ginger
grapefruit & cranberry
  • after illness
  • hangover
  • tiredness
  • overtime
  • after waking up
  • after a party
  • during mentruation
  • sleepless night

health and performance go hand in hand

FITNESS drink is an ideal partner for active days. Shopping, cleaning or exercise is on the to-do list? Chromium supports metabolic activity and with L-carnitine you can effectively burn excess fat.

zinc, vitamin D, carnitine, chromium
orange & buckthorn
  • exercising
  • dancing
  • sport
  • trip
  • jogging
  • gardening
  • cleaning

draw energy from nature

Do you need to replenish your energy? Whether it is a demanding day at work, intensive training or active family trip, an invigorating mixture of extracts led by guarana will increase your performance and, thanks to schizandra, your body will better manage stress.

zinc, vitamin D, guarana, schizandra
raspberry & lime
  • driving a car
  • taking exams
  • playing PC games
  • job interview
  • meeting
  • night shift
  • studying

give your body a proper rest

With full rest, the body regenerates, builds resilience and prepares for future activities. Support this process with natural extracts from matcha tea, ginseng and buckthorn, which will support regeneration and speed up your recovery.

vitamin D, zinc, matcha tea, ginseng, buckthorn
green tea & apricot
  • convalescence
  • sunbathing
  • reading
  • traffic jam
  • after work
  • after exercise
  • watching TV
  • cinema
  • on holiday